About Jeremy

Jeremy Alan Crane

January 17,1990 a boy named Jeremy Alan Crane was born at 10:57 am. He weighed 7 lbs and 11 ozs. He was 20 ½ inches long. The second son to David and Catherine Crane.

Jeremy was a very caring and thoughtful child. He wore his heart on his sleeve. He was raised to believe in the goodness in his fellow man.

He was a caring brother to Joshua Crane. He babysat his children Kyleigh and Brayden every morning making sure they got on the school bus each morning.

Jeremy was a caring uncle. He often put his niece and nephew first before his own plans to make sure they had someone there for them. Jeremy paid for over ½ of his niece’s dance class and costumes for 3 years. Jeremy worked the mp3 booster club alongside his mother to raise money for Kyleigh’s dance nationals which was held in Destin, Florida each year at the end of June.  Jeremy even danced in the father’s dance as an uncle for his niece. He loved her so much to get up on stage and dance in competition. He often brought all the little girls in class flowers after they would perform on stage.

Jeremy would take Kyleigh and Brayden to haunted houses, concerts, wrestling events. He gave his niece and nephew the total package. He gave more than anyone could. He spared no expense when it came to Christmas, birthdays, Easter and Valentine’s Day. Those two kids had something special almost all the time.

Jeremy loved his family. Though he hated being told he looked like his mother. But he was the kind of boy who didn’t mind taking his mother to the movies, He went to countless Backstreet Boys concerts right along his mother’s side.  Jeremy would surprise his mother with flowers for no reason at all. Just because he wanted to. He would sit up late at night talking with his father. I miss hearing those voices at night.

He was a good friend to everyone. A great boyfriend too. He is greatly missed. Look for him in the moonbeams and rainbows, stars and clouds. He’s there, looking down on all of us.

Love Mom