About Kyleigh

My granddaughter Kyleigh Crane was a bright happy 7 year old whose life was tragically taken in a violet home invasion.

Kyleigh Marie Crane was born on 10/25/2004 on a Monday afternoon by C-section. She was born with a perfect head and not much hair. She was the light of everyone’s life, with both mommy and daddy so very happy.

Kyleigh was the only girl in our family. Me being her grandmother on her daddy’s side, I was so excited to welcome her to the family. After all, I had waited for the next generation to have a girl in the family. She, like both my boys and grandson, was the light of my life.

Her contagious smile and laughter were ever lasting. She was the little girl with bright red hair although it took its sweet time coming in that took everyone’s heart that came along.  She new no stranger and was a friend to all. Loved by so many and missed so much.

Her uncle Jeremy did everything he could do for this little girl. He gave her so very much. Her smile could melt any Grinch’s heart.

Kyleigh lived a very full life and was constantly busy. She took competition dance for 4 years. She did a solo at age 6. She lived to be on stage. She was also a cheerleader. She loved her friends very much and her coaches and dance teachers too.

She loved to sing in the car, go to concerts and, yes, she had Bieber fever. But, she also loved Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and Big Time Rush. She loved swimming and animals. Halloween and Christmas were her favorite holidays.

She was a loving child who always had to hug everyone goodbye. No matter where she was there were always hugs and I love you’s before she left.

She was the princess, angel, and, yes, she was the queen of breakfast cereal. I think that was one of her favorite foods besides chocolate. Choc milk, choc marshmallows, and a choc fountain. Kyleigh loved popcorn, chips, and candy – the diet every kid dreams of.

She told me once she wanted to be a dentist like her own dentist Dr. Tom Ley DDS. Her dream was to have children and take them to the zoo to see the reptiles. She knew I wouldn’t go in to see them so I could wait outside.

She loved music, concerts, school, and lived for dance and cheerleading. She wanted her little brother to play football and she would cheer on the sidelines for him. This little girl had a very busy life at age 7. How many 7 year olds do you know who know what they want to be and how they want their life to go? She loved snow, sunshine, and playing. She was a winner and a leader…

Kyleigh and Jeremy impacted so many people in their short lives. Remembered by so very many family members and friends.

Always hug your children tell them you love them every day, because evil walks among us and you just never know what is going to happen. Tomorrow is not promised.

Love Grandma
Cathy Crane